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"We are very happy with Firehouse. Our child is happy and thriving in the environment. We like the racial/cultural diversity of Firehouse and the sense that it is genuinely a neighborhood school. It is also reasonably priced and the school management is doing a good job working to provide additional enrichment activities for the kids. Finally, we (and our child) loved Miss Rose, who was the 4 year teacher. She's was wonderful!"

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Do you have questions or concerns about our school or need more information? Feel free to contact our administration office at (626) 798-2865, Monday - Friday.

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The way our program is set up, children can learn at their own pace. Many different materials are available in every classroom and the teachers will work with small groups of children at the tables or in centers to meet their individual needs.


Each classroom is equipped with a computer corner. Every child is given the opportunity to have computer time daily. Thereby, enhancing their skills by learning different age appropriate educational programs.


A weekly Spanish lesson is conducted in each classroom. Demographically, with the ever changing need in society, the need to be bi-lingual has become important and an added advantage. Therefore, let’s start them young.

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