Parents Club

The Firehouse School Parents Club is a group of parents who are committed to getting families involved and invested in their child's education/school. Projects and activities are determined by obtaining the input of the Parents Club, the school director and the teachers. All budget decisions are ultimately the responsibility of the owners/director, however, working as a cohesive group, we are able to address the unique needs of the school, teachers and members of the FHS community. Membership is open to all parents who are interested and committed to the Firehouse community.


The Parents Club has established numerous events and projects which we hope to continue in the foreseeable future. All members of the Parents Club contributes to the success of the following events/projects:

Let’s take a look at the initiatives we set forth:
Holiday Silent Auction Fundraiser
Yard & Bake Sale Fundraiser
School Clean-up Day
Teacher’s Appreciation Week
Teacher’s Birthday Celebrations
Child Development Guest Speaker

A brief list of what Parents Club has done with the funds we continue to raise:
New Sand for Sandbox Area
Awnings in Playground Areas
Couches and Beanie Seats for Reading Areas
CD Players
Play Structures in Playground Areas
Changing Table
Buses and entrance fees for Fieldtrips
Popcorn Machine
End of the School Fun Activities

It is parent participation that makes Parents Club a success. I would consider Parents Club a success if being a member of FHS Parents Club added something to your life-a balance to family and career, new friendships, and an insight into our Firehouse School community or if you felt that your child benefited from the efforts of the group.


  • Shannon Gleason - President
  • Mikell Klinman - Newsletter Chair
  • Wendy Burk - Recording Secretary
  • Carrie Yi - Corresponding Secretary
  • Corinne Taylor - Treasurer