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"Firehouse is an incredible school. For our son it is a perfect combination of academics and play. The school incorporates lots of special events, classes and enrichment opportunities. It is family run and I think that really helps foster the sense of community and caring that we all share. We highly recommend it."

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Do you have questions or concerns about our school or need more information? Feel free to contact our administration office at (626) 798-2865, Monday - Friday.

Activites & More

Helping to promote active children

Gymnastics, dance instruction and sports activities are offered for an additional fee. Reputed instructors who are fingerprinted from outside will be hired for this purpose.

Events & Field Trips

Firehouse School plans several indoor/outdoor field trips through out the year. A nominal fee will be charged for this purpose. Annual visits by the community are a part of our program. Visits by the Firemen in a Fire truck, Police Officers in a patrol car, a parent doctor and visit by a parent nurse is a tradition. Our objective is to surround the children with as much information so that our program can meet the needs of a very diverse Pre-school and Kindergarten population.

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