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"After a few months of new directorship, it s clear that all changes have been for the better. Videos are now limited to Friday afternoons, the school is cleaner, the teachers are consistently loving and deal with behavioral challenges more professionally, and most importantly the day has more structure so that the children can feel more comfortable and safe. It s definitely not Montessori-styles education, instead it s structured where the kids have a set of activities that they do together. There are opportunities for them to select what they want to work on, but this is as the day starts up and winds down, and isn t the basis of the curriculum. I can only expect things to improve as they gain more involved parents who see preschool as a partnership."

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Giving your child a great start!

We firmly believe that the first six years of a child’s life are the richest and the most important. Those are the years that decide what kind of man or woman that child will become. Therefore, every child should have the best training & education possible.

This education should help the child: (1) develop to the fullest his or her natural potential, (2) become a full, mature person (3) develop the prime elements of character, namely, concentration & independence, self assurance, courage to face the problems of life & wisdom to solve them to his or her advantage.

We believe in the dignity of every human being and it is our conviction that even little children have to be treated with respect, love and understanding.

Our goals

  • 1.) Develop the prime elements of the child’s character, self discipline & independence.
  • 2.) Develop the child’s intellectual capacities by helping him of her gain the knowledge      compatible to his or her age.
  • 3.) Surround the child with an orderly & joyful atmosphere to help him or her make sense of      the outside world & build up a joyful & sensible order inside of him/herself.
  • 4.) Surround the child with understanding & love qualified by mutual respect.